Who’s That Lady?

Welcome to With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation! I’m Becca, the lady behind the keyboard, spending about equal time typing and trying to figure out how all those crumbs got in between the keys. Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet for some laughs!

I’m a mom of 2 small humans, wife of 1 very patient husband, 90s nostalgic, Bachelor franchise lover, Patriots fan, higher ed professional, adequate friend, extreme athlete (no), and descendant of Dutch royalty (maybe, prove I’m not.)


That’s me. And Jack. And Norah. Not Pictured: Glen, or Norah’s future self asking me why on earth I trusted a 1 year old to hold her.

I grew up in a family of dinner table storytellers and while I’d love to have you all over for dinner story time, that feels like A LOT of cooking and cleaning. So let’s consider this our virtual dinner table. There will be lots of laughs, lots of love, and lots of “Becca… seriously… how did you think that was going to turn out? Use your head please…”

For more on why I started this blog check out my first post Hopes, Dreams, & the DMV. And then head over to the Best Of page. My mom read those ones and she thought they were “fine.” If you agree, head over to the Subscribe page.

See you on Sundays and Wednesdays for a quick read and a good laugh!

With love and a little self-deprecation,



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