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12 Years of Musical Olympic Inspiration from Team USA

I’m low key obsessed with the Olympics. I don’t ski, skate, bobsled, or curl, nor do I follow any of these sports throughout the year. But each and every Olympic winter sport captivates me every four years. Fortunately for everyone that I interact with I also become an EXPERT on each sport every four years.“There is no way Japan is going to beat Norway in this quarter final. Lars is having an INSANE year in net.”

“What are you talking about Denmark judge??? She hit the triple salchow! What points could you possibly be deducting?”

“OMG, Team USA! Sweep left! Sweep left!!!”

If I Could REACH!

Coming in a close second to the sporting events themselves is the music. The songs used for the opening ceremonies and team theme songs are so inspiring I can’t help but get wrapped up. My all-time favorite Olympics song is Gloria Estefan “Reach” from 1996. It’s what I sing to myself whenever I’m getting tired while shoveling snow, or walking up stairs.

But this post is about the Winter Olympics, #sorryGloria, so let’s take a look at Team USA’s theme songs from the past 12 years of Winter Games and get inspired for two weeks of national unity and athletic prowess. So inspired that we might even find our inner athlete and take the trash all the way outside to the garbage can instead of leaving it in the garage.

Team USA Olympic Theme Songs 2006-2018

2006: Someday – Flipsyde

Someday is today!!! Watch this and don’t get amped up. I dare you. Also, the “keep on flying” lyric is just so perfect for all the ski jump and skating shots. A deep dive into the lyrics will tell you the flying part is basically the only lyric that actually really works here, but dat beat tho.

Plus, it’s Olympic montages like this that get me so emotionally invested. Fall down, get up, believe in yourself, DREAMS!

Favorite Line: “Someday, we gonna break free from these chains, And keep on flyin.”

2010: Unstoppable – Rascal Flatts

Country music combined with people achieving their lifelong goals? Oh man, so many feelings… Imagine for one moment what it must be like to be an Olympic athlete. I can’t, because I can’t even get myself to finish the last 45 pages of Handmaid’s Tale. Their dedication and work ethic is just incredible, so unstoppable is perfectly fitting.

I also really enjoy this song because once my family was playing cork football at our dining room table and my mom was doing really well and she declared herself “Unnnnnnstoppable.” It was years ago but still make me laugh.

Favorite Line: “Remember what one dream can do. You are unstoppable.”

2014: Everything Has Changed – Gavin DeGraw

This one gave me all the feels. In February 2014 I had just had my third miscarriage and was approaching the original due date for my first angel baby. It was an epically crappy month.

But friends help heal, and lasagna helps heal, and sports help heal, and music helps heal. A song about not giving up and finding your inner strength? I was on board for that. Thanks, Gavin and Team USA. You lifted a heavy heart in 2014.

Favorite Line: “Even if you’ve been through hell. You’re back.”

2018: Legends – Sleeping with Sirens

Legen – wait for it – dary. In what feels like a moment, a person we have never heard of in our lives becomes a part of nightly dinner conversation. But in truth there is no such thing as an overnight Olympic sensation. I’m truly in awe of what these athletes sacrifice to be at the top of their game in hopes of becoming legends in their sports.

And my favorite part is that millions of young kids are watching and thinking “I want to do that someday.” You’re making this world better by creating dreamers, Team USA. Thanks for that. And for two weeks of excellent television at all hours of the day. Mostly the dreaming thing though.

Favorite Line: “We can move mountains, we can break walls. We can stand tall enough to fight and never fall.”

We’ll be cheering for you, Team USA! Bring home some golds, silvers, bronzes, and maybe some kimchi. I’ve heard good things.

Full NBC coverage schedule here in case you can’t find the TV guide. Because you threw it away in 1994.

With a really good feeling about Team USA Bobsled 2038,


5 thoughts on “12 Years of Musical Olympic Inspiration from Team USA

  1. Loved this Becca, I can so relate! I rarely watch any of these sports except during the Olympics, and then I’m all in! Loved the music montages – so inspiring! Go Team USA and go Pats!


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